Industrial Conveyor Belts

With over thirty years experience manufacturing wire conveyor belts, Penn Wire is an expert manufacturer of conveyor belts for various industrial and commercial applications. Whether friction driven, chain driven, or sprocket driven, PWP has all the components to custom-make the wire mesh conveyor belting system for your needs.

Friction-driven belting

Friction-driven Belts

  • Balance weave belts and double-balance weave belts
  • Compound balance weave belts
  • Conventional weave belts
  • Balance weave/straight wire belts

Chain driven belt

Chain-driven Belts

Used where the slippage and tracking of a friction-driven belt would cause faulty operation. A chain-driven belt includes three main elements:

  1. Fabric to carry the load (the chainweave belt itself)
  2. Cross members to support the load
  3. Chain to drive the load

Flat wire belting

Flat Wire Belts

A smooth carrying surface makes flat wire belts popular in the canning and food processing industries, as well as in drying, freezing, washing, and parts transfer processes.

Spiral Radius Belt in 180-degree Turn

Spiral Radius Belts

Spiral radius belts have all the characteristics of straight line flat wire belts, with the additional advantage of being able to make right or left turns of up to 180 degrees in combination with straight line travel.

Pin roll belt

Pin Roll Belts

Used to carry light to medium loads with precision. Balanced weave belting is driven by pin rolls to provide a positive drive belt system. Widely used in the food industry.

Filter belt

Filter Belts

A continuous belt of fine screening attached to roller chain on the outside edges. Filter belts are used on fryers in the food processing industry.

A fabric consisting of alternating left and right hand spirals, which are joined together with the insertion of a crimp rod.


The belts are used to secure an absolute straight drive, provide additional strength, and obtain positive speed control.


A fabric consisting of precision Balanced Weave belting used to carry light to medium loads.


Positive Drive Pin Rolls and Sprockets are precisely machined drive components that are circumferentially surfaced with rows of teeth.