Spiral Radius Belting

Spiral Radius Belting has all the characteristics of straight line flat wire belts, with the additional advantage of being able to make right or left turns of up to 180 degrees in combination with straight line travel. Having the ability to turn enables the belt to avoid obstacles, operate in limited space, and eliminate troublesome transfers. Elongated slots allow the pickets to nest, giving the belt the ability to make right or left turns. This nesting feature also provides for easy and through cleaning of the belt.

Reinforcing Link Recommendation
Belt Width Required Links
Under 12" None
12" to 18" Single Links
Over 18" Double Links

Spiral Radius Belting in 180° turn

Available Materials

  • Galvanized Steel
  • C1045 High Carbon Steel
  • T-304 Stainless Steel
  • T-316 Stainless Steel
Spiral Freezing Conveyor

A fabric consisting of alternating left and right hand spirals, which are joined together with the insertion of a crimp rod.


The belts are used to secure an absolute straight drive, provide additional strength, and obtain positive speed control.


A fabric consisting of precision Balanced Weave belting used to carry light to medium loads.


Positive Drive Pin Rolls and Sprockets are precisely machined drive components that are circumferentially surfaced with rows of teeth.